October 5, 2016

Principles & Values

Whether you are a whistleblower exposing fraud, a watchdog fighting government corruption, a struggling family battling banks, or a startup competing against the market giants, we zealously advocate for you.


Information is power.  We fight for transparency within government and corporate entities to empower individuals to monitor, investigate, and hold them accountable. We accomplish this by helping citizens use Freedom of Information Act Requests and Ohio’s Sunshine Laws along with websites, social media, and traditional media to inform the public.


We hold corporations and governments accountable through the False Claims Act when they defraud taxpayers.  We use taxpayer actions under state law to fight government corruption and abuse.


We have a history of taking cases and sticking with them for years. We the experience in state and federal appellate courts to go the distance.


Democracy depends citizen activists.  We advise those who seek to enter public service, circulate petitions and referendums, and fight corruption.  We have assisted candidates and issue campaigns obtain ballot access and and defended those denied political rights.


Advocacy is more than representation in court.  We help you win in the court of public opinion through innovative use of websites, social media, and traditional media.