Eminent Domain & Property Law Attorney in Akron, Ohio



Protection of private property is a constitutional right, this Law Office has wide and varied experience in representing property owners against government intrusion and the harmful actions of third parties. There a variety of legal tools available for a private property owner to protect their rights, and preserve the value of their property from adverse actions.

This section will provide a list and description of legal tools available to you as a client to protect your private property from the government and the wrongful actions of third parties.


Is your bank foreclosing on your mortgage? Is a tax certificate company foreclosing on your house for unpaid property taxes? If so, this Law Office can represent you to prevent or delay the foreclosure proceedings against your property, or negotiate a modification of the mortgage.

Eminent Domain

Has your property been condemned? Has your local government filed a public notice of eminent domain on your property? Did they not make you a fair market value offer?


Has your local government improperly imposed a zoning ordinance that negatively affects your property? Has your local government granted a variance or special permit to a third party whose actions will harm your property?

Nuisance & Trespass

Does your neighbor’s business cause harm to your property? Did it cause flooding? Noise or air pollution? Does it emit terrible smells or cause health hazards?

Oil & Gas Leases

Has a large gas and oil company taken advantage of your mineral lease? Has a third party laid claim on your mineral rights, or falsely transfers them to third parties?

Environmental and Housing Regulation

Has the EPA or Ohio EPA unfairly taken administrative action against you for your property use? Has your local housing authority unfairly taken action against your housing property for failure to meet housing codes? Have they threatened to take or demolish your house?