Municipal Law Attorney in Akron, Ohio



If your local government in Northeast Ohio, whether it be a charter city, township, county, village, school board, electoral board, or watershed conservancy is giving you problems, acting corruptly, or abusing its power, then this Law Office will use and has used a variety of legal tools to force compliance with the law and punish local governments that act wrongfully.

This section will provide a list and description of legal tools available to you as a client to not only be a watchdog of local corruption but fight city hall as well.

Sunshine Laws

Is your local government violating Ohio public meeting transparency laws by not giving proper notice of public meetings, not taking proper minutes of their meetings, or holding illegal executive sessions?

Recall Laws

Has your local government elected or non-elected official committed a major crime or malfeasance in office?

Mandamus Actions

Has your local government failed to follow its own or State law?

Declaratory Judgment Actions

Did your local government wrongfully pass an ordinance, tax, levy, or enter a contract that violates the law or did so without following the proper procedures?

Qui Tam Actions

Did your local government wrongfully apply for federal funds or violate federal regulations on the use of federal funds?

Electoral Law

Are you a local politician seeking office? A citizen group circulating a petition for referendum? Were you denied your rightful place on the ballot due to the arbitrary actions of a government official?

Legal Advice

Are you a local politician or community watchdog or activist seeking advice on municipal law, and public meetings?

This Law Office believes in keeping local officials informed of the law, and helping community activists and watchdogs fight City Hall. We provide legal advice to political parties and local officials throughout Northeast Ohio on municipal law issues.